Melatonin plus Theanine for Sleep

theanine and melatonin for sleepMany natural substances help people who have difficulty sleeping. Theanine and melatonin are two such substances.

The theanine supplement is processed from teas and also from an American mushroom known as Boletus Badius. It is being sold all around the world to help people reduce their stress and provide relaxation without causing drowsiness. This efficacy happens because the substance crosses the blood-brain barrier; it prevents nerve cells from being damaged by neurotransmitters. It also promotes the production of alpha waves which are involved in body relaxation.

Melatonin Benefits

Now, all those theanine benefits are very nice but it seems only to help relax without actually inducing sleep. Fortunately, we’ve got Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone found in most living organisms; it controls life cycles, and is mostly used to indicate to the body when it’s time to sleep, causing drowsiness and lowering body temperature. Sadly, as humans grow up the amount produced naturally lowers, thus causing older people to miss out on melatonin benefits. Thus, a melatonin supplement is highly advisable, especially for people recovering from very stressful situations or trying to regulate their sleep cycle after a change of schedule.

Both substances influence very different aspects of sleep and relaxation. Melatonin benefits by telling your body when it is time to sleep, making you drowsy at the right time, while theanine relaxes your body, helping you to sleep more easily and to wake up feeling more rested.

Doses of theanine usually start at 50mg and may be increased up to 200mg daily, but it is important to measure how you’re feeling to prevent any ugly side effects.

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