How to manage stress with Tea Drinking

How to manage stress? Many people enjoy drinking green tea as a calming and relaxing activity. In a high-stress society, it is important to take time to slow down and enjoy simple pleasantries, but the positive effects of tea go past mere relaxation. Studies show that drinking green tea can help reduce anxiety because tea contains L-theanine and caffeine.How to manage stress? Green tea can help reduce anxiety.

L-theanine, Caffiene, and Stress Perception

L-Theanine is an amino acid that is commonly and almost exclusively found in teas. Discovered in Japan in 1949, it has since been isolated and used as a stress-reducing supplement. This aspect of green tea is what provides a calming effect. It has been shown to increase the brain’s dopamine levels and reduce the effects of stress by lowering heart rate and other physical stress reactions. By reducing the body’s perception of stress, it allows a tea drinker to calm down and focus, rather than being consumed by worries. It also has a calming effect without causing sleepiness, unlike other common stress-reducing supplements. It is also thought that L-theanine and caffeine work synergistically together to combat stress and anxiety. A 2008 study showed that subjects who were administered caffeine in combination with L-theanine were able to focus better and perform tasks more efficiently. Tea promotes a sense of well-being because it provides an energy boost through caffeine, and a calming effect through L-theanine.

Tea and Routine Benefits

Adding green tea to your daily routine can help to reduce anxiety for a variety of reasons. Its chemical makeup helps to combat stress, but it has a variety of other health benefits. It contains antioxidants that help to remove free radicals from the body. It is thought to help with everything from heart health to weight loss, and there are no negative side effects to drinking it. Even if you are highly susceptible to caffeine, you can always drink decaffeinated green tea and still enjoy the calming benefits of L-theanine without feeling over-stimulated. Drinking tea is a calming experience, and creating a routine of tea drinking can help to provide a structured daily schedule. Routine and time management can help relieve stress since a lot of day-to-day anxiety comes from lack of sleep, poor eating, and other effects of not keeping a regular schedule.

How to manage stress?

Green tea can be enjoyed with every meal, but it is thought that drinking 5 cups or more per day can significantly reduce stress levels, since 200mg of L-theanine is the amount needed to see benefits in the area of anxiety reduction. To set up a routine, enjoy a cup or two of green tea with each meal, and enjoy the calm and focus that it provides throughout the day.

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