Best Sleep Aid Supplements

Many people take sleep supplements when they find themselves falling short on shuteye. However, a supplement can lose its effectiveness if used to often because over time the body builds up a tolerance. Switching between different sleep supplements can help prevent a tolerance from building. Commonly used sleep supplements are melatonin, valerian, kava, and theanine.

How the best Sleep Aid Supplements Work

Different sleep supplements affect different aspects of the body’s sleep cycle and have best sleep aidvarying effects. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body that regulates sleep cycles, and taking it in supplement form helps to tell the body when to sleep and to fix off-kilter sleep patterns. Valerian is an herb that acts as a sedative and is used as a sleep aid. It is thought to work by releasing gamma aminobutyric acis (GABA) from the brain and then blocking its re-uptake. GABA by itself can be used as a sleep aid, but valerian has other sedative effects that are unique to the plant. Kava, a plant that comes from the pepper family, is another of the natural sleep aid supplements. It is known for its ability to relieve anxiety, and is helpful for treating stress-related sleep problems. Another supplement that helps relieve anxiety and aid in sleep, theanine, is a compound found in tea. Like kava, it is effective in reducing stress.

The Importance of Cycling

All of the supplements mentioned above are natural ways to regulate sleep, but over time they can become less effective and more and more of the supplement will be needed to feel effects. Switching between different supplements can keep the user from relying too heavily on one, and can also prevent dependence on a specific supplement. It is important not to rely too heavily on sleep supplements since the body needs to be able to naturally regulate sleep. Cycling supplements also allows for the use of different natural remedies depending on need. For instance, someone feeling more stress than usual could switch from using melatonin to using kava or theanine. The important thing is to regulate how much of a supplement is taken, and reduce use so as not to develop a dependency.

Dosages and When to Switch

The best sleep aid supplements are usually taken in the following doses: .3-5mg melatonin, 400-900mg valerian, 50-500mg kava, and 200mg three times daily for theanine. The important thing is to start with low dosages of any supplement and work up to higher ones, and then gradually taper off when switching to another.

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